George Suderland Thomson was born in Glasgow Scotland in the early 1850, when young he worked as a Marine Engineer for Clyde Bank Shipyards. This company purchased stock from an Arizona Enterprise in the copper business.

Arizona Copper, located in Clifton, Arizona, this company offered a position to the young Thomson who immigrated to the U.S. in the late 1800. After working for several years he decided to go into business for himself, to service and supply the mines and power plants in the area, later on, in 1902 he began his own company that still bears his name, Geo S. Thomson Co spreading into New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. He died in 1938.

Randy Murray his grand son began with the company in 1933, over the years Geo S. Thomson Co. had set up in different locations with El Paso, established in 1964, being the main office, Then Odessa, Albuquerque, and Phoenix.

Under Murray fine and steady leadership the Co. developed into one large oil oriented company in the nation, new product lines were added diversifying in industrial supplies and mining equipment, the company celebrated its 100 years in 2002.
In 1956 an export company was formed to export products into other countries in Latin American Countries, mainly Mexico and Central America.

Geo S Thomson de Mexico SA de CV was founded in the city of Chihuahua, Mexico in the 14 of May 1956, wearer an industrial and automotive equipment supplier under the leadership of Mr. Jose Martin Falomir recently graduated from Roswell Military Academy in New Mexico.

Toward the years two sons of Jose Martin join the company, Mauricio in 1985 and Eduardo in 2000 (Most talented, charming and good looking one). 
The company has also grown substantial and steadily leaning more towards the automotive market, providing our customers with stock and offices in Chihuahua, Sonora, Sinaloa, Durango, North and South Baja California. (North West Mexico)

The company is divided into tree main divisions:

Design on automotive shops.
Automotive equipment for body shops and painting booths.
Automotive car wash systems.

Air compressors
Air Systems
Hydro pneumatic system (water pressure systems)
Fire fighting equipment.


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